Hardware Setup

  • RCBenchmark 1520
  • Optical RPM sensor (TCRT1000)
  • Load cells:
    • 100g for “whoop” motors (06XX-08XX, and some 1102s)
    • 500g for 1-2S motors and 2-3″ props
    • 1kg for 2-6S motors and 3-5″ props
  • ESCs receiving PWM input @ 50Hz
    • For 1S: HAKRC 10Ax4, BLHELI_S 16.7
    • For 2-6S: Spedix GS35 35A, BLHELI_32
  • Power Supply: TEKPOWER TP3030E (0-30V, 0-30A)
  • Thermometer: Proster Digital, thermocouple directly touching motor windings
  • Motor wiring: cut to ~40mm, soldered to racewire, then 18AWG to ESC
  • Prop direction: pusher (forward/away from thrust stand) to prevent airflow impedance of hardware.
  • Prop screws: 2x titanium screws (for T-mounts only) @ 0.12g each
  • Cooling: Blower fan, thrust tests only, only in-between sampling phases and only if needed to complete the test. Any airflow from behind during sampling significantly interferes with the thrust readings.

You may notice additional boards attached to the RCBenchmark. Those are for another experimental test board that I am still working on. More details on it later.