AirBladeUAV Superman 1905

We put the new 1905s from AirBladeUAV on the stand because we’re really interested in answering the question: Given the same motor (design), how does Kv affect the response time? Let’s find out..

Each of the two response time tests (10-30% and 10-60%) were performed 100x per motor.

Heads up!

If the data above confuses you, please read our Test Procedures and Calculations page first.

Although the Response Times look straightforward, you actually really want to look at the Response Rate. The higher Kv motors are stepping through a larger RPM gap (RPM Change), meaning that for a lower Kv motor to get to the same power band (thrust), it needs to be throttled higher.

This is even more evident in the 10-60% test, and it dismisses the thinking that lower Kv = higher torque. No, it turns out it’s actually the opposite! The only problem with using a higher Kv over a lower one is that they will almost always heat up faster because they naturally spin faster.

Finally, let’s look at the thrust readings. Note that the throttle ranges are from 20% to 80%.


A more detailed look at the thrust numbers can be found in this spreadsheet.